America’s Got Talent star Glennis Grace on why she refused to listen to Simon Cowell’s advice

Simon Cowell knows a thing or two about building careers so most people would probably just follow his advice down to a tee.

During the finals of America’s Got Talent last year, the TV mogul suggested contestant Glennis Grace would do well to look into a future in musicals. However the talented singer has revealed why she chose not follow Simon’s suggestion for her to head down that path in the future.

Glennis, 41, spoke exclusively to about why she’s decided to stick to the plan she wants for her career, even if it means turning down opportunities others might think she should take.

‘I love musicals, don’t get me wrong,’ the vocalist explained. ‘But that’s not what I want to do with my career. It’s an honour to get asked but I just want to tour around with my own show, not to be a part of another show.’

The AGT star had already enjoyed success as a musician in Holland before auditioning for the American talent contestant and she revealed her experiences as a younger musician have given her to confidence to still to her own plans now.

‘In the past, in Holland, I had to do some things I didn’t want to do,’ she explained. ‘So after AGT I had to make a stand. People know what I can do and I just have to choose my direction now. ‘Thankfully I am able to do that. People like it and so I will continue to do my thing.’

But the mother-of-one was grateful to get the chance to wow Simon, Mel B and the rest of the AGT team and audience with her amazing vocals on the show. Despite the fact she’s been wowing crowds with her flawless vocals and incredible Whitney Houston tribute, she admitted she had been nervous to face Simon and perform to millions of viewers worldwide.

Going on the show gave me more self confidence. You have two minutes on that stage to prove yourself to the world. And I got to do that all the way to the finals,’ she recalled. ‘I was horrified every time I had to do that, but that was so good for me because I knew millions of people were watching and I HAD to do good.’

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